Acting in Seattle: Where?

Here are a few places/people to look for work in Seattle (in no particular order):

  • Seattle Repertory Theatre.
  • Theater Schmeater.
  • Seattle Shakespeare Company.
  • Jodi Rothfield, CSA and Big Pants Casting.
  • Washington Ensemble Theatre.
  • Arts West.
  • Balagan Theatre.
  • Seattle Public Theatre
  • Annex Theatre.
  • Wing-It Productions.
  • Jet City Improv.
  • Strawberry Workshop Theatre.
  • ACT.
  • Driftwood Players.
  • Second Story Rep.
  • Centerstage.
  • Seattle Children’s Theater.
  • Steven Salamunovich and Complete Casting.
  • Book-It Repertory Theatre.
  • Unexpected Productions.
  • Patti Kalles Casting.

3 thoughts on “Acting in Seattle: Where?

  1. A few more FAB places to work…. Seattle Public Theater at the Bathhouse on Greenlake. Great productions, PAYS thier actors and all about the community. Annex Theatre, run by a great group of people, doing new works, and cutting edge pieces that have become cult classics.

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