Preparing to Audition

Inspired by a thread on Twitter (PS – follow me: @SeattleActorDSH), I wanted to say a few words and inspire discussion on the topic of preparing an audition:

1. Get the breakdown and material (sides, script).

2. Get as much information as you can about the project. Do you have access to the script? Who is directing, producing, attached? When are callbacks? When does the project rehearse, shoot, run, etc.? Is there any research you can do on the ol’ Internet to get more data?

3. Don’t worry about whether you are right for the role. If they will see you, get in front of them.

4. Rehearse. AKA practice. Read it, read it, read it! Over and over again. Play with the text. Look at intention, relationship, etc. Keep reading it. Work with a friend, if possible. If you are going to be reading/auditioning for a camera, set one up and work in front of a camera as you prepare.

5. The more you prepare, the less you will feel the nerves (at least in theory).

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