Auditioning in Seattle

How does one go about getting auditions?

What “kind” of work are you looking for? Are you willing to work for free? What kind of experience do you have? These are just a few questions you can ask yourself as you begin to look for opportunities.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Talk to your friends and colleagues. How are they finding auditions?
  2. Check out Theater Puget Sound. TPS hosts a GENERAL AUDITION where you can present your work to a large group of auditors.
  3. Check out the Performers Callboard. The callboard has a great LIST SERVE so you can get auditions sent to your inbox.
  4. I just discovered this casting blog.
  5. Contact your local theaters via website and inquire about general auditions.
  6. Get active as a SOCIAL NETWORKER on Twitter and Facebook.
  7. Get yourself an agent! There are a small handful of agencies in the Seattle area. Find out who they are, then contact them to set up an interview. If you have a friend who is represented, see if you can get some sort of referral!

One thought on “Auditioning in Seattle

  1. TPS rocks!!! They have film, theatre, commercial, media and more! You get to make a profile page so companies can check you out when you submit for auditions. And they list info about the general auditions they hold (for Theatre work)

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