Auditioning: The Sides

“Should I memorize the sides so I don’t have to hold the pages?”

No. I don’t think you should. I give this opinion after having gone through many, many auditions, reading Shurtleff’s Audition, and studying with Richard Brestoff. I think there is more (potential) harm in NOT holding the pages. Holding the pages also tells the auditors that “this is a work in progress, not a final product,” which might help you.

Yes, you DO memorize monologues and DO NOT hold the pages then, but this post is not about monologues.

2 thoughts on “Auditioning: The Sides

  1. I agree!!! For both Film and Stage. I have spent hours getting fully “off-book” for an audition and I do think it hurts more than helps. Because of what you said, David. Often, I think Directors see that you have made a “finished product”… can she be directed? Is she set in her ways now? Then they MIGHT give you some direction, hope you can take it and NOT be stuck in the way you memorized. As for film, same thing, but hold youe sides up and to the side of you. Then they can be out of frame AND you are not looking DOWN to read them 🙂 I DO think you should be comfortable with sides, a cold reading is never good ;p

    • Yes, I have not held the script a few times for callback auditions and NOT been cast. I have held the page for other callbacks and HAVE been cast. I think this “rule” is especially important for the FIRST READ or the INITIAL AUDITION, because of the reasons mentioned above. I also like the idea of holding the pages to the side of the face so your eyes and face stay up during camera auditions. Did you learn this from a teacher???

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