Agents and Managers: An LA POV

Since some people don’t read comments on blogs, and since I think this is a very important story to share, I am going to create a new post and share the words of my Friend and Fellow Tweeter, @lancepaullin (bold emphasis, mine):

“From my experiences being in Los Angeles six months now, it’s all about who you know and what can you do to help them and in turn, them helping you. I was lucky enough to have a producer in Spokane, who I’ve worked with many times, set me up with a casting director down in LA, who almost “shopped” me around to different agencies (because he had a real, genuine soul), until we found one that was a good fit for me. I feel like I definitely got in one of the easier ways. I feel blessed. So that may be a good avenue to take? Possibly talk to some of the people with whom you worked with see if they can make some calls, etc. It’s all about “industry referrals.”

Another thing I’ve noticed is that “industry” doesn’t really give a damn if you don’t have credits…I don’t know how many agents, managers, etc. I’ve emailed, called, went into their offices only to be turned away or left with as much info as I had going into it. It is a rough road and often very discouraging, but if you know what you want, the only thing that’s going to stop it from happening is yourself.

I really wish there were a book entitled, “Actors Guide to Successfully Achieving Success, Without Selling Your Soul To A Man.”

I really enjoyed the post David. And you’re more than welcome to pick my brain, I’ve learned somethings along this road that may be of use. We’ll be in touch my friend!”

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