Into 2012

It is not New Year’s Eve, but there are things I am thinking about which need to be shared.

In order to be creative, I need to make time to close the laptop and put down the smartphone.

To invest in my craft, I need to make money to continue my studies, which takes time, effort, and commitment. 

If I want to work more, I have to risk more.

If I want to get ahead, I need to reach out to friends, artists, and my agent.

In order to succeed, I need to give some of it away.

If I want to triumph, I cannot be afraid to fail.

In order to keep growing, I need to continue learning and trying new things.

I will not be ashamed to learn from my mistakes.

I will make time for the people I love and for my growth as an artist.

I will not look so far ahead as to miss the moments as they unfold.

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