Acting 4 Free, Part III

Below are two recent posts for acting roles in the Seattle area. This is typical for short film projects in our area. No pay for the actors. I do think it is important to get experience as an actor, so just ask yourself before you take a role: “What is my goal? Am I creating art for art’s sake?” Find out what they plan to do with the product once they are finished. Since there is virtually no market for short films, the producers are probably not going to turn a profit, but, if at all possible, get them to sign a contract which guarantees you deferred pay for your work should they sell and your credit and copy. Also, see if you can get a shooting schedule, with call times, before you begin so you know what you will be getting into.

POST 1 (bold is mine):

“The Project: A film short roughly five to ten minutes long. To be shot
in a large older house in the Seattle area. Follows an older woman,
Rose, who is slowly experiencing the onset of dementia. She struggles
with basic daily tasks and has a brief interaction with her daughter
that shows the viewer that Rose is slowly losing control. After her
daughter leaves, Rose brings out a tablecloth from her wedding and
sets the dining room table for a family dinner, which is not actually
happening. She takes comfort in this object from her past and the
routine which she has completed so many times before, even though at
this point in her life it is obsolete.

Expectations: Rose (the older woman) will ideally be played by an
experienced actress preferably 55-75 years, able to portray an elegant
and proud woman that is struggling with the terrifying symptoms of
Alzheimers. Her daughter should be confident and brusque, able to play
25-40 years, with some prior acting experience. The dialogue will be
sparse and much of the story will be conveyed through movements, must
be adept at using props and using body movement to evoke emotion.

Timeline: We are hoping to shoot Thursday Jan.19, Saturday Jan.21 and
Sunday Jan.22. This is tentative however and other possible shooting
days would be the 24th, 25th, 26th and 28th. Shoots will most likely
take up the bulk of the day and extend into the evening.

Cost/Pay: This role is unpaid, excluding extreme gratitude and
adoration from our small crew. Snacks and coffee will be provided and
if the location is expensive/difficult for you to access every attempt
will be made to accommodate you.

My name is __________ and I am the project’s producer. Our group consists
of six young filmmakers, all very excited about this project. Please
send me a headshot and resume with your response. Thank you so much
for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from

POST 2 (bold is mine):

“My name is________, and I’m a local director shooting new short that
needs help! The new short is called “Touch”, and we will attempt
to enter it into various film festivals (SIFF, etc.) (will also attempt
to get into a couple of festivals abroad, i.e. South Korea’s Busan
International film festival, and the Seoul international extreme short
image & film festival).
Unfortunately, as much as I would like to, I cannot pay anyone. BUT, I
can guarantee food, etc. during the shoots and a copy of the film
afterwards~ Also, I will love you. Looking for a little bit of charity
here, but I’m confident we can come up with something wonderful!
As of right now, we’re looking to start shooting Beg-Mid February.
Locations TBD, but will remain in state and no further than 1hr from
Bellevue, WA.
Story Synopsis: The project will be a short film surrounding the
relationship between a detective, and his girlfriend. The story takes
place primarily inside of an interrogation room in which the detective
has just discovered his girlfriend is guilty of committing fraud, a case
that, up until now, he had been following extensively. Baffled by how
and why she did it, his only question is why. She eventually reveals
that the financial troubles they’ve been experiencing had driven her
to do this; they had driven her to do something drastic in order to save
their relationship.
Both sitting across the across the room, they remain silent as he
struggles with his own frustration, and she begins to regret ever having
committed the crime. She senses the stress brought upon the detective,
and in an attempt to comfort him, she reaches across the table and
gently places her hand upon his.
Her attempt to comfort him inadvertently pulls the detective back into
own memories with her, re-living the special times they’ve shared
together in the past. As this continues in the interrogation room, their
hands start to gradually become more affectionate towards one another;
and as that happens, so does his corresponding memories from their past.
The detective eventually realizes through this hyper-real experience
that his commitment to the one he loves is the most important thing to
him. The often overlooked sense of touch, despite unveiling the shame
of his girlfriend’s crime, has ultimately led him to an even more
noble decision to follow his heart and flee with his girlfriend, both
becoming fugitives in the process.

Needed Cast (please include a resume, headshots, and/or anything
depicting past works. Auditions TBA):
Detective: Looking for someone in their 20’s to portray a successful
young detective. A little bit “scraggly-looking” is good.
He’s dedicated to his job, and his dedication has led him to a
surprising discovery in his latest case. He must now choose. His dream
career that he had worked so hard for, or the relationship with the one
he loves the most?
Girlfriend: Looking for someone in their 20’s to portray the
detective’s girlfriend. She is usually reserved, but strays from
that personality in a desperate attempt to save their relationship from
being torn apart by their financial troubles.
Needed Crew:
Director of Photography: We’ll probably be shooting with one or two
canon 7d’s. Please include a reference to past work. If you have a
7d, 5dmk II, you would also like to use on set, please don’t
Composer: Please send a reference to past work.
Grips, assistants, etc.: We only need a few of these, as I would like to
keep the crew as small as possible. Send your info if you’re

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