Creativity: Staying Juiced

It is January 09, 2011. No, -12. (I’ll get used to that some day…). I currently have no projects to work on and am feeling a little artistically stagnant. What is an actor to do in times like these?

Well, I am creating things for my other business (videos and posters and business cards)…

And, I am signed up for an on-camera acting class which begins a week from Tuesday at Freehold. Luckily, I knew that my next major engagement – The Art of Racing in the Rain at Book-It Repertory Theatre – was not starting until March, so I began looking for classes in December in order to continue developing my craft, and I found a perfect match at Freehold.

I think it is very important for actors to continue their studies or engage in other types of creative ventures between projects to keep the instrument and the mind sharp, but also to stave of the feeling of “They’ll never hire me again,” which is a little demon voice which sometimes visits the out of work actor.

So, tell me, what do YOU do between projects?

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