Staying Juiced, Part II

Here are a few more suggestions for staying fresh betwen auditions or projects:

Learn a new monologue.
Find a few new scenes to study, then prepare them for performance, possibly putting yourself on “tape” for review and analysis (this might require participation from a friend or two, so stay social).
Work on your voice.
Read screenplays and plays.
Read a book or watch a DVD on the craft.
Help someone else with their project.
Start a screenplay reading or play reading group and meet weekly for reading and discussion.
Practice remembering extraordinary events from your past, the highs and lows, and keep those memories and the feelings they produce fresh for access when needed.
Do something new.
Go explore.

One thought on “Staying Juiced, Part II

  1. I have always liked getting a few actors pals together and read plays. If you have a camera of your own, have your partner film you or set it up on a tripod and film yourself. Practice, practice, practice. I always keep old audition sides and will pull them out to play with. Get feedback! I there is someone you trust, and value their opinion. Do your mono or a side for them and let them toss feedback your way. My Husband always has great feedback for me, he know me as an actor and where I get “in my head” or stuck. Thank you for your words of wisdom 🙂

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