I Hate Monologues

To continue our discussion on the practice of learning and maintaining monologues, let me say that I don’t LOVE performing monologues. But, that is my own damn fault. I think it is important to find material that is right for you and find material that you enjoy performing. I guarantee, if you are ever going to act regularly in the theatre and get paid well, you will need a *good* monologue or two to showcase your talent. In order to “introduce” yourself to a new theater, sometimes performing a monologue is the only opeion. So, you had better have one you LOVE to perform.

So, in brief:

Find monologues you LOVE to perform.
Keep your monologues SHORT (90 seconds or less), but don’t speed thorugh a piece just to make time…EDIT IT!
Practice your monologues once a month, at least.
Do not add a “character” voice to your monologue.

Have fun and happy hunting for those monologues!

One thought on “I Hate Monologues

  1. LOTS of Theatres are doing new works, I would suggest looking into those. Find pieces that fit you but that will be fresh and new for the auditors 🙂

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