2012: Audition # 2

I had an audition today. For a good part at a good theatre. I did not get called back. Such is life…

One of my acting teachers encouraged us to rehearse it 250 times before we audition it. I have never heeded that advice because I am too lazy. And, since I am occasionally cast in plays and films, I have even more reason NOT to practice this strategy. Which will certainly never tell me whether or not it is a good preparatory practice. If I have not said it before: Don’t be me. Make the time to prepare so you can do your best. Always.

One reason I maintain this blog is to give myself an online journal that I can look back on to see what the hell I am doing with my “career,” but I am also doing it in a very sincere attempt to help people get ahead as actors. I hope, occasionally, you come across a post which does just that.

Getting back to the idea of 250. One reason I have not done this – TIME. Jeez oh Peet’s! That is a lot of repetition! Truth be told – *spoiler alert* – I am not ONLY an actor. I am also a dog walker, dog trainer, and small business owner. Which means, I am kinda busy. Sometimes, too busy to dedicated the amount of time needed for adequate preparation. Which also means I cannot possibly do my best. How can I do my best if I can’t make time to prepare? Oy!

Which takes me to my next point: Time Management. I will create a separate post on this and provide an outline for you which will guide your next audition prep. If nothing else, it will encourage you to rehearse your audition 30 minutes per day (maybe more, depending on how far off the audition is), and, possibly, challenge you with the magical 250.

By the way, the magic 250 number is not mine. I owe that to Tom Todoroff.

Thanks for reading.


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