Get Working: Seattle Theatre

“Where are shows produced, and where should I send my headshot, resume, and cover letter?” And, yes, do all three. A cover letter is a great way to add a personal touch to your submissions.

Some casting directors do not solicit for submissions, and many attend the TPS Unified General Auditions, but that should not prevent you from taking an active role in your career and sending out those headshots which might be gathering dust!

So…where should you submit? Everwhere! I am certain you can go online and find out just who is auditioning when (and that is a good point – if you are able to find out a theatre’s season before all the shows are cast, then you can read the plays and “submit yourself” for the most appropriate parts), but I am going to list a few places and names to save you a bit of trouble. This list is by no means exhaustive, but should give you a start!

Seattle Repertory Theatre.
Casting Director: Erin Kraft.
Seattle Repertory Theatre
Attn: Casting
PO Box 900923
Seattle, WA 98109
Here is more information on getting cast at the Rep.

Casting Director: Margaret Layne.
Equity and Non-Equity auditions. Check website for info.

Casting Director: ?

5th Ave Theatre.
Casting Director: David Armstrong (I think…he is the AD, for sure).

Village Theatre (Issaquah, WA).
Casting Director: Jadd Davis.

Seattle Shakespeare Company.
Casting Director: Amy Thone.

Book-It Repertory Theatre.
Casting Directors: Emily Grogan and Jenny Sue Johnson.
Check website for audition information.

Balagan Theatre.
Casting Director: ?
Email directly for auditions.

Theater Schmeater.
Casting  Director: Alexander Samuels.
They attend TPS UGAs. But, here is a link anyhow.

Washington Ensemble Theatre.
This is an ensemble of company members, but they often hire outside of the fold.
Here is the address:
Washington Ensemble Theatre
608 19th Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112

Arts West (West Seattle).
Arts West also attends the TPS UGAs.
Here is their website.

Seattle Public Theatre.
Casting Director: ?
Audition info here.

Annex Theatre.
Casting Director: ?
Audition info here.

Eclectic Theatre Company.
Casting Director: ?
Here is their website.

Jet City Improv.

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