2012: Audition #5

This audition was for a corporate video. I was to promote the infinite qualities of the new Blackberry. It was quite a bit of text to prepare (6+ paragraphs) and the text was filed with jargon and million dollar phrases like “Liquid Graphics Display.” In the audition, they only had me read the first three paragraphs, which was nice, but if I knew that ahead of time I could have prepared differently. Lesson Learned: Over-prepare so you are ready for anything.

I usually fall on my face during these kinds of auditions. It is hard for me to loosen up, and playing the part of the device expert while selling the product just doesn’t come all that naturally to me. “Can you smile more?”

This time, I did not let my attitude (“man, I never get parts like these….I am not a smiler…”) get in the way. And while I felt a few nerves in the waiting room, I feel like I did my best in the audition room and was able to give a pretty loose read which had a bit of product authority combined with charm and friendliness.

Now, does that mean I will be awarded the part? Heavens no! But, I did what I intended to do. And that is all I can ask of myself.

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