2012: Audition #6

Well, it is shaping up to be a busy 2012, let me tell you! Today was audition #6 for the year, and tomorrow has two more!

Have I booked anything yet…hmmmmm…I will have to look back…No! I have not booked anything! Well, if nothing else, let this evidence suggest that rejection is common in the world of auditioning and, yes, getting back up and dusting one’s self off is critical to success.

The audition today was for a corporate video or an industrial…I am not sure I know the categorical difference here. It was held in the top casting office in town, and, for once, I did not feel the jitters when I went in. I gave a “callback” read, in my opinion. Which means, I feel like I prepared well, I did what I had planned to do, and if I DON’T get called back it, I will chalk it up to “they were not looking for my type.” Which, is true of many rejections. Sometimes, you just don’t look right for the part. And that is out of your control, so it is easy to let go.

Tomorrow, two more are on the books. Wish me well, world!

One thought on “2012: Audition #6

  1. Boom! 6 auditions and 2 more tomorrow?! Oh I wish I was a handsome, talented man named David S Hogan 😉 I agree and love what you have written. We HAVE to keep going and dust ourselves off. A great actor reacently said “Auditions, Its a job you never had to begin with… So you have nothing to lose… You can only gain”

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