2012: Auditions #7 and #8

Two auditions in one day! Not bad!

The first audition was in my area – West Seattle – so the commute was a breeze and parking was plentiful. The read was for a commercial, and the copy was pretty good. The direction, however, was laughable. Very result oriented. And, the dude wanted me to act like a very famous actor on a very famous TV show. Oy!

Receiving “bad” or confusing direction is common in our world, so don’t be shy about asking questions (within reason) if you are confused, and be prepared to interpret¬†directions or adjustments which are not very specific.

The second audition was for a print job. It was a “go see” or a “cattle call.” Which means, the casting people have no information about you (and, therefore, did not request *you*), so the pressure is kind of low, and it really is all about how you look. And, obviously, in print there is no text (not to say there is not acting or intention), so you don’t really have to prepare. The information I got from my agent is “dress like a teacher.” Interpret that, America! The audition consisted of filling out a casting sheet (a profile, of sorts), which asked for my age. I did NOT fill this out. I am not sure what the “rules” are about these kinds of things, but I am seldom comfortable providing my age or giving any other personal or sensitive information. Writing, “information on file at agency” serves me well in these scenarios when I can’t just leave the box blank.

Well, that is all for now.

Thanks for reading and Happy Auditioning!

4 thoughts on “2012: Auditions #7 and #8

  1. Hey David, I went to that cattle call, and had the same reaction about the age request. I don’t believe that’s allowed for SAG auditions, but print and non-union gigs sometimes ask. I reluctantly wrote it down, not wanting to seem difficult, but I think you did the right thing. As a rule, actors shouldn’t give their age. It’s not a vanity thing, it’s about increasing your range. If a director thinks I can play 25, then I’m 25. If they think I can play 35, then by god that’s what I am.

    • Thanks, Dan. I appreciate your contribution. This being a non-union gig, maybe they can get away with that shiz. It’s not cool. If memory serves, I went on a SAG audition recently and their casting sheet asked for bra size! That seems like a definite rule violation. I wrote 38DD, mind you.

  2. Also went on this audition. I wrote a range, then they wanted me to write my birthday to make sure I wasn’t lying about my range! And I also went on the SAG audition that asked bra size. What a classy way to ask measurements.

    Great blog!

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