Training for the Camera: Seattle

Where does one go to train for acting in front of the camera?

First off, determing what kind of skills you wish to develop. Do you want to get cast in commercials or in film/TV?

For Commercial Acting Classes:

For Film/TV:

Please do the necessary footwork before just signing up – make calls, talk to friends, check the cost, etc.

Happy Training!

PS – if you know of other teachers (local to Seattle), please let me know so I can update the post!


4 thoughts on “Training for the Camera: Seattle

  1. One of the things Seattle desperately needs, in my opinion, is a way to get the main talent pool in Seattle – the theatre actors – to a) believe that camera training if good for their career. Even if they only have to do it once, and b) get trained in the basics of acting/auditioning for the camera. I believe that talent is talent, on stage or on camera, but if we can just get theatre folks to pick up some basic transitory skills, we could seriously blow some minds with the talent we have here. (File under: It Happened To Me)

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