Get Acting in Seattle Film

Okay, actors! Here are a few resources and ways to get work in Seattle! I have touched on this topic before, but since the topic came up in class last night, I thought I would write again.

Oh, and here is a quick little PDF you can print (almost a summary of the information here) – Getting Cast in the NW

The list below is not in any specific order:

Get an Agent (easier said that done). Also, when interviewing your agent (the interview should go both ways), find out if the support your desire to work on unpaid films (this may be needed if you are just starting out. Seattle agencies include (TCM, Topo Swope, The Actors Group, Dramatic Artists, Colleen Bell, Big Fish, Tiffany Talent, Actor’s First, and EBF).

Join Theater Puget Sound (TPS), or, at least, visit their site to comb through audition postings! They also host annual UGAs (Unified General Auditions), which will put your face in front of a lot of casting people in one fell swoop! Now, this audition is really set up for theater practitioners, but, I know a few agency reps who attended the most recent audition, and I think film producers and casting people occasionally attend, too.

Get to know local casting directors and take their workshops! Classes are always great ways to learn and network. They aren’t FREE, but working your craft is an absolutely essential part of your artistic journey. So, pack away those pennies, and invest in your education. Here are a few casting directors and casting agencies to get familiar with in the Northwest: Jodi Rothfield, Steve Salamunovich, Patti Kalles, Cast Iron Studios, Foreground Background.

Other teachers to look into: John Jacobsen, Nike Imoru, and Steven Anderson.

And, finally, the “scouring for work” part. Here a few places to look for auditions. A few of these places will send auditions to your inbox:

TPS Online
Performers Callboard Seattle
Washington Film Crew/Cast Notices
Northwest Film Forum Callboard 

And, of course, NETWORK! There are a lot of ways to network in this town and meet new people! I will post more on this topic separately. Here is a link to my Facebook Group for Seattle Actors and Filmmakers.

And, as always, we welcome your comments. Tell us if we are missing anything!

3 thoughts on “Get Acting in Seattle Film

  1. I have spent the last hour reading through your posts from the last few months. I feel like you’ve sparked a new energy in me to get out there, try new things, take some classes, and to keep auditioning regardless of rejections. It can be difficult to stay positive in regards to acting jobs in Seattle, especially during these dreary months when it seems like not much is happening. Reading your posts is really encouraging, and I’m very grateful for what you’ve written of your own experiences, and that I was able to find it via Denise Gibbs. Thank you!

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