All My Presidents Screening

Well, it happened. Last night witnessed the premiere of All My Presidents, a short film I shot last year, and It…Was…Good.

It was the first time I have watched myself on a big screen. And, I did not embarrass myself. I was very proud of my work and absolutely amazed by the production.

Fred, (editor), David, and Connor (Director). Photo by John Ulman.

What happens next is unknown. I know AMP will submitted to various film festivals, including Cannes (I trip to France sounds quite nice, actually…), and there are great hopes that there will be funding efforts aimed at getting AMP produced as a feature film.

Soon enough, All My Presidents will be screening at a festival near you, so keep an eye out. You don’t want to miss this one.

Special Thanks:
Cast and Crew.
Angela DiMarco.
My parents: Jim and Sue Hogan.
The DiMarco Family.
My exceedingly supportive friends.
John Ulman Photography.

One thought on “All My Presidents Screening

  1. THANK YOU for your fantastic performance! The whole cast, crew and production team made a short film feel and look epic! I was moved, laughed and wanted more! I look forward to helping get the word out the money in, to make All My Presidents a Feature Length Film. Bravo!!!

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