Audition #13 or Something: 2012


This is what happens after an audition.

How did I do? Did I do what I planned to do? Was I present in the room? If not, why? Was I prepared?

Let’s touch on preparation. If I prepare sufficiently (one teacher of mine suggested reading the material 250 times before the audition), I should be able to “do what I planned to do” in the room. So, did I prepare sufficiently. No, I did not. Did I bomb? No, I did not. How do I know? Well, I don’t, really. But, I got good feedback from the director and from the casting director, so that is something.

So, I just admitted that I did not prepare sufficiently. Did that keep me from the audition? Hell no. I will always audition. I will always do my best. Sometimes my best is making quick choices and reading the material a handful of times then going in the room and presenting what I rehearsed. Sometimes, that is the best I can do. And that is enough. And, that often gets me hired. It helps that I have a technique behind my preparation. I know how to read a script and make quick choices. This really helps.

The Audition Details: I was sent the casting call on a Wednesday in the late morning. The audition on Friday of the same week at 240PM. I was instructed to look at two characters. I was sent sides for ALL the parts. As for the parts I was to prepare, one was a page long and the other was 12 pages long. 12. Pages. Long. I read, read, read, then called my agent and asked – no, demanded – that she contact the casting director and get a START and an END point for this audition. She complied (and, here is where I echo Stephen¬†Salamunovich, “Ask for what you need.”). I was advised to prepare 4 of the 12 pages, and when I auditioned, I wound up reading about a page an a half.

The gist:

  • Prepare.
  • Do what you plan to do in the room – look to please yourself.
  • Get the specifics of the audition and what material to prepare. 12 pages, to me, seemed awfully long, so I called and asked for more information.
  • Ask what for what you need.
  • Always do your best.
  • Develop a technique so you can make quick decisions about how to prepare.

2 thoughts on “Audition #13 or Something: 2012

  1. I agree with you and Stephen 100%. So important to ask for what we need, nobody else will. And more often than not, any sides that are over 2 pages long, you will only read a portion before “Thank you!” I do the same, read, read, read. Not so much to memorize, I will always hold the sides (in case needed). But I read it over and over, to be familiar, let it settle and become second nature to say and feel what is on the page. Its impossible to go to an audition, and leave without thinking “I wonder what they thought?.” they are a person who has the power to give us a job, so naturally, you want to be hired. But like any job, there is only one position and many people will apply. So walk in that door and be the best they will see all week. JUST DO! (quoted by Ted Tyler played by Sir David S Hogan)


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