Rehearsal Reflections: Dogging It

Two weeks from tomorrow…

I open a show and will be playing a dog in just over two weeks.

I am working with Book-It Repertory Theatre for the third time in a leading role. I am absolutely thrilled, and completely terrified.

In the beginning of the rehearsal process, I thought it was going to be quite difficult to get inside the head of a dog. Soon enough, I learned the larger challenge was in the physical realm – how can I make it through the week without killing myself, I am now asking – how do I get inside the body of a dog?

If you know anything about me as a physical performer, you know I thrown my entire being into a role, and love to push my limits when appropriate. I am having an absolute blast being a dog. I jump, run, roll, dash, dive, and live like a dog 5 days a week. And, let me tell you: I am exhausted. I am aching from my toes to my fingertips. But, I am absolutely ecstatic…I am buzzing with excitement knowing I get to share this show with you in just two weeks time (well, sooner than that if you want to come to a Preview!).

See you at the theatre!

David as Enzo

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