“I just don’t give a sh*t”

“…and it works.”

My friend told me recently that he has been going into auditions “not caring as much” or “not giving a sh*t” and having a much better time before, during, and after the audition. And, he is getting callbacks. More than before? Well, give me time to make some calculations…I will get back to you with data.

This practice is often called (with only slightly more eloquence) non-attatchment to the result.

I find practicing non-attachment to the result (or, “just not giving a rip”) a nice way to approach an audition. To me, it does not matter what happens after the read. When I have finished my read and after the pleasantries are exchanged (if they are exchanged at all) – “nice job,” “great work,” “thank you,” – I smile, thank the room, and walk out.

I prepare before hand, for sure. As much as I can. I make a plan. A plan I can execute in the room. I work, and work, and tape myself, and work some more. Practicing non-attachement to the result does not let me off the hook. I don’t just show up and hope that inspiration strikes. Sorry to break it to you, but creativity and inspiration come after the planning. Make a plan. Execute the plan. Fulfull your desires in the audition room, and walk out knowing you did what you came to do.

That, dear reader, is success. And that kind of success often leads to booking the job.

2 thoughts on ““I just don’t give a sh*t”

  1. Great post, David.

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Feeling nervous? Use it to accomplish your goal – the one you planned before the audition. Do what you do and then move forward.

    Another way of looking at it… Have fun! Think it and do it. You’re an actor, play! =D

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