The Art of Reviews in the Rain

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Quite possibly my finest performance was given 6 – 7 times per week at Book-It Repertory Theatre in the Art of Racing in the Rain.

I say it was my finest because the part was perfect for me. And, the feedback from audience, peers, family, friends, and press was all exceedingly favorable. And, as an artist, I hope to get better and better with each go round. And, this is my latest work. When you complement that with a great adaptation, a stellar director a peerless cast, and a top notch design team, well, magic happens.

The theatre broke records, we hoped to extend, I had the time of my life, and now I am going to share the wonderful accolades with you. If nothing else, my mom will be happy I did this so she can do a bit of bragging.

  • “Book-It Repertory’s moving, ingenious stage adaptation of Seattle author Garth Stein’s novel “The Art of Racing In the Rain” maintains an accelerated pace highlighted by moments of endearment — and a remarkable canine narrator…Hogan brings scruffy, Chaplinesque nobility and mischief to the physically demanding role of a rowdy mutt …” – Read the review here.
  • “And, if you don’t fall in love with David S. Hogan’s Enzo, there might be something wrong with you; it’s so beautifully realized without being cutesy or phony, that you might want to run out and buy your own Enzo. It’s one of the top performances so far of 2012.” – Read the review here.
  • “The show, however, belongs to Enzo the Dog, played amazingly by David S. Hogan. Hogan is a physical and vocal virtuoso who manages to perfectly balance Enzo’s canine characteristics with his tender, intelligent and deep personality.” – Read the review here.
  • “If it wasn’t for Hogan’s outstanding performance as a dog with a dream that transcends his family’s mundane woes…His connection with the audience is immediate and irresistible.” – Read the review here.
  • David S. Hogan who plays Enzo the dog is brilliant.” – Read the review here.
  • David S. Hogan did a masterful job of maintaining Enzo’s doggy movements, from a wriggling puppy to an old dog who wets the floor when hip dysplasia keeps him from getting up. I can’t imagine what extensive physical training and strength it takes to be on his knees and knuckles for such an extended time. Hogan acted so like a dog.” – Read the review here.
  • “This production has successfully captured the intensity and emotion of the book and added a colorful and humorous personification of Enzo in the form of David S. Hogan. Mr. Hogan is a man who is clearly part dog for his ability to capture the movement, attitude and elegance of a dog with touching eloquence and humor.” – Read the review here.
  • “The high point of the production is David S. Hogan’s portrayal of Enzo, which is well-served by the actor’s experience as a dog-trainer. His physicality, spending most of the nearly-three-hour play on all fours, is in itself impressive. His ability to intone ideas without speaking words is commendably communicative…” – Read the review here.
  • “The largest plot line in the production is really the love of a man for his dog. This is probably the best man’s-best-friend presentation you’ll see without a real dog. David Hogan, actor-anthropomorphosizer extraordinaire (and dog trainer on the side), does a great dog act…” – Read the review here.
  • “This narrative gimmick was realized brilliantly onstage by having the role of the dog played by David Hogan, an incredibly adept physical actor who made you believe every minute that you were watching an animal.” – Read the review here.

More lovely praise about our production can be found on Book-It’s Facebook Page.

Audience feedback:

“I was privileged to see “The Art of Racing in the Rain” last night and was blown away by your performance. Great performances by everyone in the show, but you were amazing in how you WERE a dog. We see a lot of Seattle theatre (about 12 shows a year) and last night was definitely one of the most memorable in my theatre-going career. Great job and thank-you for an outstanding evening.”

“I was lucky to be part of that audience. You were Extraordinary as “Enzo’ from your facial expressions, body movements and just emitting, ‘dog’ with so many emotions that I felt completely touched by you. Thank you.”

And, here is some pre-show press, too:

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