New Headshots!

Headshots are important marketing tools and are essential for getting you front of people who can give you jobs, especially if they don’t know you or your work.

I had headshots done about a year ago, and while I liked them, I don’t think they represented the essence of ME. I had facial hair at the time (which I don’t grow particularly well), and I thought, for some strange reason, that this look might get me more work in Portland on Grimm or Leverage. I have no idea if the previous headshot had anything to do with me booking Grimm (I doubt it – the audition gets you the job), but I can tell you that in the episode I was clean shaven.

I had business cards made with the older headshot (with the facial hair – a bit of a van dyke, if you will), and when I was passing them out this weekend, a few people said, “this does not look like YOU.”

So, today I had new pictures taken with John Ulman. Below are a few samples:

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2 thoughts on “New Headshots!

  1. Headshots. My favorite is the one with the button down light-blue shirt. no smile. you’re grounded and somehow in that relaxed, grounded look a lot of range and depth is perceptible as if it were “behind you.”

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