Shadowed: My First Feature Film

Daphne (Alison Monda) and Allen (David S. Hogan)

I sat in the audience of my first feature film in a leading role a few days back, and did not want to shoot myself. Sure, there were things about my performance I would change if I could, but, overall, I was thrilled with what I was able to contribute to this film.

The film will now test the festival circuit and seek distribution.

I hope you get to see it in the future.

Here is the FB Fan Page.

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4 thoughts on “Shadowed: My First Feature Film

  1. “…and did not want to shoot myself.” Haha. I used to think David Lynch was full of crap when he said “Seeing your film with an audience for the first time is like dying…” Turns out, the man was right. I only recently had that positive experience with a music video – sitting through the hours of material and not thinking “I wish I’d…” Beautiful, ain’t it?

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