Facing the World

This post was inspired by my friend Jessica and her post, Hair.

How an actor LOOKS has a big impact on how how they are perceived and what kinds of roles they are “eligible” for.

Not too long ago, I had a very odd notion. I had an assumption that I would be more cast-able in Portland on Grimm or Leverage if I had more of a “character” look (whatever the heck that means), so I fashioned myself a bit of a VanDyke facial hair pattern, and got new headshots:

ImageNow, I DID book a role on Grimm while using my new headshots, but, for the role, I was clean shaven.

The more I used my headshot and the less I had facial hair, the more I realized that I don’t work well with facial hair. It’s just not me. As Jessica says, “The important lesson is: style your hair as you want to and the roles will adjust accordingly (just make sure your headshots are up to date!) Live for yourself, not the work!”

So, what did I do?

I got new shots. And they are much more ME:


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