No: the power of discernment

Over the past two months, I have turned down auditions for three top tier Equity theaters and one ultra low budget SAG feature.


Well, for one, I don’t make my living entirely off of acting. Therefore, I can be very selective about what I make myself available for. And, two, in the case of the film, the production was casting via monologue reads (which, to me, makes the production seem amateur) and they would not get sides or script to my agent. I am not going to apply for a job which does not disclose the duties of the position.

The decision to refrain from auditioning was difficult, since, as an actor, I often feel like I must keep the momentum up by booking as much work as possible. After all, people are always asking, “so, what’s next?” Celebrating the current work takes a back seat to the potential or booked next gig.

But, I said “No,” and now I feel a lightness and a drive to put my energies in new places.

Stay tuned for what the second half of 2012 has in store!

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