SIFF Opening Gala 2012

I had never been to any SIFF events, much alone the Opening Gala, but this year, since I had a short film in the festival and I was feeling extra sassy, I decided to splurge for a ticket. Unfortunately, my lovely wife had a show that night, but, lucky enough, my friend and fellow social networker, Jessica Martin, was flying solo, too, so we got to hang out together.

Forking over the big cheddar for the VIP testament got me into the pre-funk party and after party. Free booze as also part of the package, I believe, but, alas, I am as sober as a post.

The film that opened SIFF was Lynn Shelton’s Your Sister’s Sister. And it was lovely. As far as I know, a local film had never opened the festival before. This was a big deal. And, is great for the local industry. I worked with Lynn on What the Funny a few years back. I hope she considers using me again now that she has hit the bigs!

Aside from the opening film, I caught SeaTown shorts, and will be seeing my wife’s film, Ira Finklestein’s Christmas, this weekend.

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