Actor Development and Business (Seattle)

I have been around the block a few times. I know a lot of actors in my town, and have a pretty good feel for the pulse of the industry in Seattle. I have compiled this list of resources for your benefit. Some of the institutions below are more vetted than others, so, please, do your own due diligence and make informed decisions. In many cases, I am merely sharing links I have found. As always, I encourage your feedback.

Actor Training:

Freehold – Freehold gets first billing because they offer a large curriculum, I have trained there, and many of my peers have trained there, too. Some of the faculty are friends of mine and are among the most talented professionals in the city. There is a 10 month ($9000 – cheaper than graduate school) intensive training program for adults, as well. Freehold seems geared toward adult actors, but the intro classes should be appropriate for teens and up. Freehold also hosts one of the best acting for the camera teachers in town, John Jacobsen.

Shoreline Community College – A great faculty, for sure. Learn about acting, directing, writing, and more.

Unexpected Productions Improv School.

Jet City Improv.

Camera Classes/Workshops/Coaching:

Jodi Rothfield.

Steven Anderson/Actorswork.

Nike Imoru.

Patti Kalles.

Evil Slave.

David S. Hogan.

Actor Training For Younger Actors:

Seattle Children’s Theatre’s classes and training programs have a great reputation.

Village Theatre – Located in Issaquah, this theater is considered on of the best musical theatre companies in the region. Plenty of training opportunities.

Youth Theatre Northwest – Located on Mercer Island with a good reparation, as well.

As You Like It – Actor coaching located on the Eastside.

Taproot Theatre Company also offers classes. They have a good reputation as a performing arts organization, but I don’t know anything about their training programs. Please, do your own research.

Story Town Studios – All ages training for the camera. I don’t know much about this outfit, either.

Studio East – Youth actor training on the east side.

Down Stage Center – in Burien, WA.

Bainbridge Performing Arts – Banbridge Island, WA.


Creative Talent Development.

Talent Agencies:

Topo Swope Talent.


Dramatic Artists.

The Actors Group.

Big Fish NW.


Actor’s First.

Colleen Bell.

Tiffany Talent.

ABC Models and Talent.

Heffner Management (modeling).

Seattle Models Guild (modeling).

2 thoughts on “Actor Development and Business (Seattle)

    • Thanks, added Unexpected to the list.

      Regarding agencies and reputation, this list is a resource list. I am not taking a position or passing judgement unless I have intimate knowledge of the institution listed.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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