Audition #13 (2012): Student Films

Yep. They did. Asked for a monologue.

Um…Don’t they know WHO I AM? I talk trash about Seattle’s strange habit of using monologues for film auditions ALL THE TIME.

But, alas, I wanted to work…and, these were student film makers…and, I knew some of those involved…and, one of my friends was going to be acting in one of the pieces…and they had SAG-AFTRA papers…

So, I went. And did a monologue. And, I did not act like a big baby about it. Attitude is everything, ya know. Well, okay, it’s not EVERYTHING, but I have some control over my emotions, so, I adopted a good attitude, let myself come down from my pedestal, and auditioned with a bloody monologue.

Luckily, one of the directors asked me to read from his script. Which was on his laptop. Which he handed me on the spot. I read the scene/speech once or twice. If he would have handed me sides (as in, a portion of the script PRINTED ON PAPER) I suppose I could have asked for 5 minutes to prepare, but, I was ready! The scene allowed me to offer contrast from my monologue (yay!), so I was able to present a more dynamic audition.

I was offered parts in 2 of 3 projects.

David in a modern Henry V. I did a monologue in this PLAY.

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