Your Film Director

“Directors don’t know what they are doing. You might get no direction. So, you better come to the set prepared. They just can’t talk to actors.”

Yep, I’ve said that.

I don’t really mean it, but I want to provoke thought and spur my people into action.

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite teachers, John Jacobsen, urges us (actors) to become “director-proof,” which to me means that we have to work, work, work and make strong choices based in the text which bring the scene to life, prepped for “Action,” with or without external adjustments.

Here are a few other thoughts, from Tony Barr’s Acting for the Camera: “I have to remind you that in the final analysis it is your magnificent face on the screen, and there will be no subtitles offering explanations and cop-outs as to why your performance is not as good as it should have been…you must develop your instrument and your craft to such a peak of excellence that your performance will be good no matter what the problems.”

Stay Inspired,

2 thoughts on “Your Film Director

  1. LOL! I’ll take exception. But then you knew I would. Personally, I’d love to never say a word to an actor, save for pleasantries. Nothing lights me up more than an actor who “gets the character” and brings that character to life in ways I never could have imagined. For me, it’s not really about wanting to be a “puppet master.” If I’m doing that, then I’ve clearly cast badly. I ALWAYS want to be amazed. And when that happens, the energy level of the production soars.

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