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This post is inspired by the one and only Bonnie Gillespie, author of Self Management for Actors.

Bonnie was in town recently, touring her SMFA program, and the oh so awesome SAG Foundation sponsored her for a few events, too. One of the events focused on BRANDING. I think it’s a groovy topic, and often misunderstood, so let me share what I learned.

What the heck is BRANDING? “Branding is communicating your essence through everything you do!” – Bonnie Gillespie. From the look of your headshot to the font on your resume, down to the colors on your website, everything you produce and market that represents YOU, reflects your brand and what you sell. Remember, “It’s called show business, not show acting.”

Why is BRANDING important? Well, I believe it’s important because it gives the consumer  information about you in a easily digestible and concise way…When it’s…

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