Headshot: Preparation

Thanks to the amazing membership of my Craft group, I have some wisdom for you as you prepare for your next headshot session:

  • “Make sure you are thinking about something interesting to you. It will reflect in your eyes. If you are interested, you will looking interesting and that’s what you want from a headshot. Too often, actors just look as though they’re posing for a picture instead looking interesting. Think of conveying that thing that interests you to the camera and then let the photographer figure out angles and all the technical things.” ~ Stephen Salamunovich, Artios Award Wining Casting Director
  • “That’s where a good photographer shows their worth, as they’ll make sure you’re comfortable and take natural, expressive shots. But as the actor, also come into it knowing what you want, whether you’re playing to a certain type or conveying something, etc. It’s in the eyes, so don’t force any smiles. Have a reason for smiling, whether you’re imagining the camera as your favorite pet or best friend, etc. Be you, but use your actor craft too to make for a productive photo session!” ~ Henry Mark, Actor
  • To keep active and engaged, I pretend the camera is my scene partner. I decide which type of character I wish to convey and who that character really needs to talk to. I choose wardrobe that is appropriate to the “performance”. Then I choose actions and intentions that I can subtly play that are character appropriate. Sometimes I will silently perform monologues. If I have to be particularly smiley, I pretend that I am telling jokes to my best friend in an effort to crack her up. The more I act the shoot, the more natural I look. Oh, and I try to remember to keep my mouth and eyes open.” ~ Sarah Milici, Actor
  • Here you will find great insights from LA Casting Director Bonnie Gillespie!

Thanks, all, for the great tips!



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